CTheory is an electronic academic journal published since 1996. It is an international journal focusing on technology and media theory, technology, and culture, publishing articles, interviews, book reviews and "event-scenes." It is edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker.

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Digital Folklore

Technical innovations shape only a small part of computer and network culture. It doesn't matter much who invented the microprocessor, the mouse, TCP/IP or the World Wide Web; nor does it matter what ideas were behind these inventions. What matters is who uses them. Only when users start to express themselves with these technical innovations do they truly become relevant to culture at large.

How To Be An Internet Artist

The world's first conceptual art ebook, "How To Be An Internet Artist" is an eclectic mix of new media fictions that explore many of the themes generated in Amerika's internationally-exhibited net art, including hypertextual consciousness, cyborg-narrators, reality hacking, and the process of creating on-the-fly narratives via an ongoing practice of surf-sample-manipulate. As one of the net art characters in the ebook says, "I am what I am: a new revenue stream model, a marketable skills-set, a diverse portfolio of intellectual capital.

Net Art and Activism

[Abstract] Digital art activities (commonly known as net art) refer to a wide range of works that are computer-based art, accessed freely online, created by artists using web browsers, developer codes, scripts, search engines, applications, and various other online tools.
Net art blurs the boundaries between art, design, political activism, and communication and raises questions about the authorship and translocality of art. Its relationship with the art world has been unclear as much as its nature as an avant-garde art movement.

Nettitudes - Let's Talk Net Art

Nettitudes contains five essays about art and new media, and consists of two parts. The first focusses on 'net art' in the broadest sense of the word, and aims to refute persisting false definitions of this emerging art field. In the second part of the book net art is approached from three very different angles: the history of net.art (with dot), a contemplation on the digital archive, and last but not least a text on music and sound art in the context of new media.


netzspannung.org is a platform for interactive art and media art education. Netzspannung.org has been online since 2001, and defines itself as a tool for researching, reflecting upon, and imparting electronic culture. The platform for the › theory and practice of media art offers over 2,500 work descriptions, texts, images and videos for the purpose of interdisciplinary education in art, design and informatics.