The Big Plot

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The Big Plot is a romantic spy-story played into infosphere. It looks at the role of espionage in intrusions into people's internet lives, the dysfunctional sociality that is being created by media communications and the political exploitation of social networks.


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Stunning surrealistic flash art by Canadian-born Geoff Lillemon, a Boston based surrealist working in the net art movement. Dream like images, drawings, animations and video that sometime interact.


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Nicolas Clauss art conception, libretto, camera, programming
Jean-Jacques Birgé music, libretto, camera, executive production
Didier Silhol dance

Anne-Catherine Nicoladzé dance
Elsa Birgé hands
Didier Petit cello
Bernard Vitet trumpet

flute, pocket trumpet, reed trumpet, mouth organ, violin, guitar, piano, bass, percussion, sampler, vocal processor, video, brushes, spatulas, rags

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Tale of Tales

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Tale of Tales BVBA is a games development studio, founded by Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn in Belgium in 2002. Their background is in design and development of immersive web sites and multimedia environments with a strong emphasis on narration, play, emotion and sensuality.

The Secret Garden of Mutabor

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The Secret Garden of Yenz is a unusual point and click type adventure game with really nice graphics and design. "The Secret Garden of Mutabor is in great danger. You just came in time to save us! Time is running out, save the secret garden." Good luck and have fun!
The "legendary and award-winning Secret Garden of Mutabor" is a journey into an imaginative world of fantasy and adventure. The visitor travels through a sequence of colourfully designed Flash screens, and, using the "Matrix of Wisdom", heads for the "Castle of Ice", passing through the "Sea of the Snap Rabbits" and the "Gates of Serpent Zoom", guided along the way by the spritely Youmiko. Gosh.

The Liar of the Marrow Monkey

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The Lair of the Marrow Monkey, one of the first websites to be added to the permanent collection of a major art museum, is an experiment in using a dynamic, abstract interface to communicate memory, emotion and narrative.

Each disc represents a chapter of the work; with the mouse the user can rotate a disc to the front and then grab it with the triangular pincers. "Mnemonic membrane” allows users to play with a dynamic surface which is sensitive to words and contains memories. In an other chapter, the user enacts the story by touching typographic elements which have dynamic behaviours that express the meaning of the text. Or elsewhere each word of the monologue explodes across the screen with realistic physics, while the individual letters constantly maintain their left-to right ordering.