Launch project

Aether9 is a collaborative art project exploring the field of realtime video transmission. It was initiated in May 2007 during a workshop at the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland. Developed by an international group of visual artists and collectives working in different locations (Europe, North and South America) and communicating solely through the Internet, Aether9 is a framework for networked video/audio performance, and the collaborative development of dramarturgical rules particular to Internet modes of communication.

The system functions as an open platform for participants of any technical level to transmit imagery in real-time and interact through a structured narrative performance questioning the issues of presence/absence, remote/local, identity and intimacy in the context of the electronic space.

International Field of Voices

Launch project

We would like to offer the opportunity to join us with participation in an art exhibition to open in the virtual world of Second Life this April as well as galleries in 6 countries around the world.

How? By sharing a 9 second recording of your voice to be placed in a column with others to create a field of voices activated by proximity.

In 9 seconds: Say something, say anything: Your name, country, occupation, team, anything. Honor a loved one, make a point, promote your cause, make a confession or an announcement.

Just use your imagination and express yourself.

Call one of the local numbers listed [read more] below and leave me a message for inclusion in the project.
(make sure its longer than three seconds or we wont get it)