Questionnaire about preservation of display and playback equipment

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PACKED - Platform for the Archiving and Preservation of Audiovisual Arts (Brussels) and the Netherlands Media Art Institute (Amsterdam) currently execute a research project into the preservation of display and playback equipment for video art. As part of this research project PACKED and NIMk ask the cooperation from organizations, archives and individuals.

Since the emergence of the medium video, different recording, playback and display systems have been developed that got obsolete afterwards due to the technological evolution. This equipment (video recorders, monitors, projectors, .) has often become rare. But at the same time access to it is crucial to exhibit old video works and safeguard them for the future.

Anne Laforet is writing her PhD thesis on "The preservation of Net Art in museums. The strategies at work." net-art Tue, 11/24/2009 - 22:38

PhD thesis "The preservation of Net Art in museums. The strategies at work."
Anne Laforet
under the direction of Jean Davallon
University of Avignon, France

(text in French - soon available to download under a free license + links + bibliography)

summary :

WYSOCKA, E. Agatha Re-Appears, net art resoration project

WYSOCKA, E. Agatha Re-Appears, net art resoration project, 2008
Restoration Project: Olia Lialina’s early piece “Agatha Appears” from the Collection of C³ Center for Culture & Communication Foundation

State of the artwork before the restoration.
Work was originally created for Netscape 4.0 browser in HTML 3.2 language and real audio sound format. Original files have become incompatible with contemporary browsers and work was no longer available in its previous, interactive form.
Due to corruption and disappearance of some files, sections of Agatha's trajectory got lost and so was the original idea of the piece

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Vanishing net-art (introduction to net art restoration)

Launch project
The aim of this essay is to draw restorers' and theorists' attention to the phenomena that exist in virtual space. This should be associated with a very specific type of restoration that unfortunately does not yet exist in practice or exists in its amateur form. This means research related to the restoration of net art (, internet art). It is likely that the significance of this art will increase only at the beginning of the next millennium. A question will arise how to save things that have already lost their form.

The significance of net art security is viewed through the eyes of a restorer in this essay. Based on the realisation that virtual phenomena are intangible, attempts have been made to clarify technical possibilities to preserve this art. Because of this, there have been no efforts to identify the things that should be preserved and things that should be simply rejected.