SKOR NetArtWorks

Submitted by net-art on Mon, 07/04/2011 - 20:40


By commissioning new content/artworks that address or exploit the online space and the characteristics of the web, SKOR wants to critically engage with this space. The SKOR NetArtWorks are a place for project-driven exploration through digital media. This includes artist commissions, interface experiments, community discussions, essays and interviews, filtered links, and collaborations with others.

First commissions:

For the first commissions of 2011, SKOR asked artists to address the notion of identity and power in relation to the net. The critical power of the masses through the Internet and social media networks is being acknowledged more and more and is viewed as a very positive development. The acclaimed critic Henry Jenkins has stated that, 'popular culture can enable a more engaged citizenry, by allowing people to play with power on a micro level' (Convergence Culture).

What has social media brought us, five years after it was introduced (starting with the introduction of YouTube)? How are we using and dealing with its intricate structures? At the same time, what is the other side of social media and similar networks, how do they influence our identity, our sense of self and our relationships with others? How much power do we really have? Are we using social media and networks for our benefit or are they taming us? The issues of identity and power and their relation to network structures are critically analysed and explored by the selected artists in unconventional ways. SKOR NetArtWorks also focus on the broader aesthetics and history of the Internet by highlighting each time an older web work.

The first commissions of 2011 were awarded to Heath Bunting, Lernert & Sander and Mouchette.