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CTheory is an electronic academic journal published since 1996. It is an international journal focusing on technology and media theory, technology, and culture, publishing articles, interviews, book reviews and "event-scenes." It is edited by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker.

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Digital Latin American Cultures Network

The  Digital Latin American Cultures Network researches the cultural dimensions of new media in Latin America, and includes analysis of digital cultural products such as blogs, apps, videogames, works of net.art, e-poetry or hypermedia novels, as well as more ethnographic study of the communities and practices that are generated by and through the use of new media in the region.

Electronic Literature Organization (ELO)

Electronic Literature Organization, the international organization dedicated to the investigation of literature produced for the digital medium.

Founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1999, the ELO now has a presence across North America and in South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.  Our members hail from a wide array of disciplines and areas of study, including Art, Literature, Communication, Computer Science, Humanities, Digital Humanities, Media Studies, Women Studies, and Comparative Media.


In 1996 artists Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett initiated an online community for collaboration and experimentation, informed by community arts, pirate radio, activism and street art. A grassroots network and programme emerged, inspired by free and open software cultures.  Challenging notions of the individual genius artist this continues to thrive and to engage diverse people with arts, technology and its impact on social change.

Histories of Internet Art: Fictions and Factions

The "Histories of Internet Art: Fictions and Factions" web site is an online-only exhibition of the early (and continuous) history of Internet art. Produced by students in the Digital Art area located in the University of Colorado's Art and Art History Department, and in conjunction with the Alt-X Online Network, ATLAS and blurr, this ongoing exhibition showcases a student-designed web interface that takes readers to online art work created by both internationally celebrated and emerging Internet artists.


Founded in 1994 by Grégory Chatonsky and Karen Dermineur, Incident.net is one of the first groups of French artists to work on the Internet and digital arts practices . Incident is an independent structure operating without subsidies.

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"IRATIONAL.ORG is an international system for deploying "irational" information, services and products for the displaced and roaming.

IRATIONAL.ORG supports independent artists and organisations that need to maintain mission critical information systems. These 'Irationalists' create work that pushes the boundaries between the corporate realms of business, art and engineering.

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