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AND - Artists Network Database

Once completed, AND – Artists Network Database represents the database including the biographies of artists and curators who are participating in “The New Museum of Networked Art” and its subordinated project environments since 2000.

This database curated by Agricola de Cologne will allow all people who are interested in receiving information about these artists to access their involved art works and the connected project environments online.

Archive of Digital Art (ADA)

As a pioneer in the field of Media Arts research, the ARCHIVE OF DIGITAL ART (ADA, former Database of Virtual Art) documents the rapidly evolving field of digital installation art for more than a decade now. This complex, research-oriented overview of works at the intersection of art, science, and technology has been developed in cooperation with international media artists, researchers and institutions, as a collective project.

ArtFem TV

ArtFem.TV is an online television programme presenting Art and Feminism. The aim of ArtFem.TV is to foster Women in the Arts, their art works and projects, to create an international online television screen for the creativity, images and voices of Women. ArtFem.TV is a non-profit artist run ITV and media art portal about Art and Feminism.

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blinkvideo is a professional website for research of video art, performance and multimedia installations. Anita Beckers and Julia Sökeland initiated the platform on the background of their own experience as curators and gallerists.

The web platform connects galleries worldwide and gives the possibility to present their artists online. Since March 2012 there is a pool of over 2400 video works to be looked at on the web.

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Founded in 1995, The Hyper-X Online gallery exhibits cutting-edge net art, digital narrative, and experiential codework. Home to the first-ever online net art exhibition ("Digital Studies: Being In Cyberspace"), Hyper-X continues to investigate the slippery border between exhibition, publication, and performance. Guest curators include Mark Amerika, Abe Linkoln, Christiane Paul, and Jay Dillemuth.

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Born - fifteen year of art and literature

From 1996 until its retirement in 2011, Born connected over 900 contributors, generating an extraordinary record of collaboration between literary arts and multimedia. Born was launched during the fledgling days of the internet, and became one of the Web’s most innovative and enduring publications as it expanded possibilities for literary/arts in a time of rapidly evolving technologies.


BrowserBased is partly a material / technically oriented platform dealing with the browser based context as well as a net-culture knowledge base. BrowserBased is a gathering in Amsterdam with guest speakers, workshops, etc. BrowserBased is also a net-culture group blog on Facebook, found here: