Video editing with open source tools

Submitted by net-art on Sun, 11/22/2009 - 14:09

Video editing is the process of cutting and pasting video sequences, in order to create a fluid, often narrative, combination of images and sound that develops in time following a certain structure or story board. While analogue video editing requires both a substantial investment in equipment and an aesthetic project, for example a detailed edit list and a well structured script, digital video editing on the other hand has become much more accessible. It is an easy and experimental way to create combinations of any type of footage. Huge databases of video images are readily available and the costs for setting up a home made video editing station are progressively decreasing. Software applications are more reliable, stable and easy to find, machines are faster, video cameras cheaper and hard drives larger. Digital video editing, a non-linear or non destructive method (in comparison to the physical cutting of the negative in film), can also be viewed as the audio/video equivalent of word-processing.

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