The history of net-activism


This was the official website of the association known as APSOLUTNO. APSOLUTNO made a subjective inventory of events, ideas and influences that marked the last five years of the century and millennium. By exploring the 'absolutely now and absolutely here' APSOLUTNO aimed to pose questions, create metaphors and point to absurd situations and paradoxes brought by the time we lived in.


Cyberzoo is a virtual zoo where it is possible to experience the wildest expressions of the artificial life in the security of your computer.
The mission of CyberZoo promotes the conservation of endangered species and the habitats in which they live. CyberZoo is involved in international programs of protection of threatened species, and participates in different projects from recovery and reintroducción of artificial life.

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Electronic Civil Disobedience

The Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT) is a small group of cyber activists and artists engaged in developing the theory and practice of Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD). The group has focused its electronic actions against the Mexican and U.S. governments to draw attention to the war being waged against the Zapatistas and others in Mexico. But ECD tactics have potential application by a range of political and artistic movements.


"etoy.CORPORATION is all about sharing: knowledge, skills, risk, excitement, resources, social networks, art, technology and cultural profits. etoy goes where traditional artists, companies and individuals cannot afford to go. etoy / aka etoy.CORPORATION - founded in 1994 - is known for its pioneering role in internet art


"IRATIONAL.ORG is an international system for deploying "irational" information, services and products for the displaced and roaming.

IRATIONAL.ORG supports independent artists and organisations that need to maintain mission critical information systems. These 'Irationalists' create work that pushes the boundaries between the corporate realms of business, art and engineering.

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Mission eternity

etoy.CORPORATION digitally sends M∞ PILOTS across the ultimate boundary to investigate afterlife, the most virtual of all worlds. Currently 2974 registered users build a community of the living and the dead that reconfigures the way information society deals with memory (conservation / loss), time (future / present / past) and death.