/ source / (postfactual), 2017

Invitation to see and hear:

1) The award-winning net art work
/ source / (postfactual), 2017
at http://www.staubrauschen.de/source/

Synopsis: In Timo Kahlen’s new interactive net art work / source / (postfactual) , 2017 - just awarded an Honorary Mention at the Junge Akademie’s and ZKM’s prize question “What’s the Net Listening To ?” (Was hört das Netz ?) - the viewer is invited to search for reliable sources, for valid ‘facts’ , nodes and information on the internet.

A seemingly void, monochrome white surface is all it shows; and frustrates the viewer with a mouse cursor, which is difficult to locate, to control and direct, as isolated potential ‘facts’ pop up in interaction with the cursor : appearing but distorted, head-over and uncomfortably remote, as if projected onto the reverse side of the computer screen. Accumulating alternative facts are accompanied by outbursts of sound and bustle, only to be quenched and extinguished shortly afterwards.


Dot.Art is is an exhibition and events programme presenting artworks from the first wave of Net.Art alongside more recent projects produced since the rise of web 2.0, social networks and easily accessible search engines. Taking place in Vivid Projects’ physical space as well as occupying hyperlinks on its website, the Dot.Art season explores the internet as a medium and site for art from the 1990s through to the present day and includes an events series incorporating a reading group, talks, performances, screenings and workshops. These events will predominantly be announced via Vivid Projects and Office for Art, Design and Technology’s social media platforms.

In addition to the events programme, a unique, accredited Arts Award qualification for 11 – 15 year olds has been generously supported by Arts Connect. This programme consists of 4 sessions covering research skills, practical technological and artistic workshops and a small display of the works produced by participants.

Artists exhibiting in the Dot.Art season include: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Heath Bunting, MTAA, Rafaël Rozendaal, Critical Art Ensemble and others to be announced.