A sub-genre of internet art, browser art is a renegade artwork made as part of a URL that uses the computer as raw material, transforming the codes, the structure of the websites and the links between servers into visual material.

1n-0ut [meditation]

aleilissa is back il y a un instant even in plaisir my ghost empire alone for train music ipsolute abstraction novel hourly trip aleilissa impossible d̩fiance al color zero reflexion a donna pax absolut for mi lovi girl vaseline tract isole deux mots dora marr douce & sombre po̩sie gang-stereotype roudoudou eat my brain cut this one propaganda for world civilisation succes destructed . -- . ~

1n-0ut [meditation] ~ 030130 å© Jimpunk


The site is a collection of animated DHTML pages, stitched together, to reload and refresh randomly into each other. Fullscreen compositions melts into another; images swarm literally across your screen, stretching and narrowing. It is as if a pop up virus has taken over your computer completely, opening and closing windows seemingly at random. Browser poetry.

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Mark Napier’s Riot is an alternative, "cross-content" Web browser. Like its real-world namesake, Riot disrupts the accepted rules of property and exposes the fragility of territorial boundaries. Inspired by the clashing classes and ideologies of New York's Lower East Side, Napier created a software "melting pot," a blender that mixes Web pages from separate domains into one browser window. The basic functionality of Riot is still rooted in traditional browser conventions: you surf the Web by entering a URL into the location bar, or by selecting from bookmarks.

The World of Awe - a travelers tale

Salvaged off a laptop, World of Awe 1.0 contains the journal of a traveler in search of a lost treasure. Navigate through personal love letters, log entries and detailed descriptions of the unusual navigation tools. The interface appears like a damaged desktop but it;s not. It's just odd. Patience helps.

Through a portal on 419 East 6th street in Manhattan, a traveler crosses into the parallel world called Sunset/Sunrise, to search for a lost treasure.