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Nicolas Clauss art conception, libretto, camera, programming
Jean-Jacques Birgé music, libretto, camera, executive production
Didier Silhol dance

Anne-Catherine Nicoladzé dance
Elsa Birgé hands
Didier Petit cello
Bernard Vitet trumpet

flute, pocket trumpet, reed trumpet, mouth organ, violin, guitar, piano, bass, percussion, sampler, vocal processor, video, brushes, spatulas, rags

launch project

Flying puppet

flying puppet.png

Launch project

A collection of Shockwave/Flash interactive audio/visual work by Nicolas Clauss. (2001-2008)


Afbeelding 2.png

Launch project

"An interactive, formalist art site, which can be aimlessly navigated by clicking through blank boxes and links." generator


Launch project

Nowadays, work is placed on a level with duty, compulsion, obedience, conformity, monotony and exploitation, but scarcely with a «practice of creative enjoyment» of (Negri/Hardt). Even day-to-day art production bears few signs of this creative pleasure, being characterized more by requirements and deadlines. The « generator» offers one way out of the rat-race: automized art production. Artists save valuable time and energy.



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Net.flag is a flag for the Internet. Every nation on earth has a flag that identifies the territory of that nation, and the flag is a symbol of conquest of new territory. One of the most memorable images of the 20th century is a scene of the United States flag planted in the rocky terrain of the moon, the emblem of an earthbound territory apparently identifying the entire planet, or laying claim to the moon itself.

In the new millenium we see nations trying to lay claim to a new kind of territory, the Internet. This virtual territory is no longer a geographic location, a new land with resources to be claimed. It is a space created by man-made infrastructure that carries the potential of information, group identity, economic and political advantage. Nations and terrorists alike use the Internet to carry out their agendas. Those who control the structures, both hard and soft, that make this new space, control the nature of the space itself, providing or limiting access to the resources of the network.



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"adaweb is a research and development platform, a digital foundry, and a journey. here, artists are invited to experiment with and reflect upon the web as a medium, and as a means of distribution for their work. while we produce most of the projects you experience on our site, we also house co-productions, guest work, events, and source material on the artists and their galleries. ah, 'da web - always subject to change."

Please Change Beliefs


Launch project

"Please Change Belief" is a project built for the World Wide Web which consists of several sections (be prepared to explore a bit to figure out how it works and how to navigate the site). It was done in association with äda'web, an experimental site now sponsored by the Walker Art Center.

There is a nod to interactivity in that you can take Holzer's truisms and "improve" them or replace them with your own. Unfortunately, this doesn't modify the basic exhibit, but simply adds the new slogans to a list which can be viewed separately.



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Meetopia is a cooperative web-art based platform launched in 2006. Netart projects, webzine, digital cultures.

In our projects, computers and networks are understood as well as tools and means of production and circulation as locations and subjects of a digital condition that is defined by the accessibility, the appropriation, the reproduction and replication of the code, the connection to networks, and the development of a digital knowledge which produce a collective intelligence. Read more »



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"etoy.CORPORATION is all about sharing: knowledge, skills, risk, excitement, resources, social networks, art, technology and cultural profits. etoy goes where traditional artists, companies and individuals cannot afford to go.

etoy / aka etoy.CORPORATION - founded in 1994 - is known for its pioneering role in internet art (etoy.INTERNET-TANK-SYSTEM /, 1995), controversial operations like the digital hijack (1,5 million search engine users kidnapped in 1996), the domain name battle TOYWAR with (an American multi billion dollar company that tried to take over the domain name in 1999) or the etoy. Read more »



Launcg project

A multidisciplinary collaborative engaged in liberating art from craft and from the Artworld through identity adventures.

Flyvision is a forum for artistic collaborations on the web. It is a place (and a time) on the web where (and when) web-specific art project are created, presented and experienced. It has no precise goal but trajectories and is constantly re(de)fining itself and readjusting its trajectories.

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