Seppukoo, assisting your virtual suicide


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Seppukoo is the new artwork by Les Liens Invisibles. The website is designed to help people commit a symbolic, ritual suicide, killing their virtual identity. The main purpose of the project is to inspire a ludic introspection about using social networks, beginning with the most popular one: Facebook. The site also provide a memorial page on which users can write their last words. In the end, it all turns into a game, as you can score points by inviting your friends to committ a virtual suicide too. Read more »



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The Austrian artist Lia – one of the early pioneers of Software and Net Art – has been creating digital art, installations and sound works since 1995. Her Internet works combine various traditions of drawing and painting with the aesthetic of digital images and algorithms. They are characterized by a minimalist quality, and by an affinity with conceptual art.



JODI explores the relations between the world we build through the Internet and the one based on our past mental and physical maps. Services such as GoogleMaps have changed radically our worldview by making the Globe accessible as a commercial multi-user surface. Mapping these online geometrical constructs to reality and vice versa, overlaying their figures as jogging paths,

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The site is a collection of animated DHTML pages, stitched together, to reload and refresh randomly into each other. Fullscreen compositions melts into another; images swarm literally across your screen, stretching and narrowing. It is as if a pop up virus has taken over your computer completely, openening and closing windows seemingly at random. Browser poetry. Be aware!



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Stunning surrealistic flash art by Canadian-born Geoff Lillemon, a Boston based surrealist working in the net art movement. Dream like images, drawings, animations and video that sometime interact.

x-no-01 Pornocerounonet

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Macroporno - microporno
porno es negativo

sex, net art,, feminist, erotic, porno, microporno, media sex, erotico, sexo, cuestionamiento, noise, ruido, net art erotico, pornografia



Launch project (aka sign69) cybermind designs. channeling recreational synthesis in unified fields of consciousness. A continuing archive of randomised animation loops started in 1991 which intends to create unpredictable juxtapositions: the greatest story ever told. spam = maps. broken fractals. eye candy. j'achète de moins en moins le journal ...



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Nicolas Clauss art conception, libretto, camera, programming
Jean-Jacques Birgé music, libretto, camera, executive production
Didier Silhol dance

Anne-Catherine Nicoladzé dance
Elsa Birgé hands
Didier Petit cello
Bernard Vitet trumpet

flute, pocket trumpet, reed trumpet, mouth organ, violin, guitar, piano, bass, percussion, sampler, vocal processor, video, brushes, spatulas, rags

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Flying puppet

flying puppet.png

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A collection of Shockwave/Flash interactive audio/visual work by Nicolas Clauss. (2001-2008)


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"An interactive, formalist art site, which can be aimlessly navigated by clicking through blank boxes and links."

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