Spotlight: Oculart

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Geoffrey Lillemon (1981 USA) brings a classic romantic painting and drawing style to technology to reinterpret artistic practice. As one of the leading artists of the Net Art Movement, Lillemon has consistently foregrounded the interplay between the digital and physical world in his work, blending the traditional mediums with interactive animation that responds to human touch, brainwaves, and even heartbeats. Using various art forms, from mixed and moving media to literature and soundscapes to classic portraiture, he creates works of hallucinatory poetry that reach into the infinite depths of the subconscious where the real and the imaginary interact. Lillemon has exhibited internationally as Oculart, including being the Invite d'Honneur at the Centre Pompidou, was a founding member of studio Champagne Valentine, and is currently an artist in residence at Random, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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MON3Y as an 3RRR0R

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MON3Y as an 3RRR0R | MON3Y.US
Happening 2.0 & curated by Vasily Zaitsev
Online Vernissage
ONLINE NOW is an independent initiative to promote and support Net.Art & Digital Art.



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Net Criticism Juke Box


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Vuk Cosic work for the 'Beauty and the east' conference. The work pokes fun at the endless stream of serious discourse circulating online and adresses these tensions. Put together by Vuk Cosic with material from interviews by Josephine Bosma and Geert Lovink, the work uses a very simple interface to remodel and redistribute art discourse (Rachel Green).

Thanx to Josephine Bosma, Michail Langer and Geert Lovink that gave us the tapes.

Ciro Múseres: projects

Yes we are

Ciro Múseres. I would like to share some of my artwork with you.

2007-2008. blogart
Yes we are

Pages in the middle of nowhere (former First and only real net art gallery

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Art Teleportacia, a web gallery of the works of Olia Lialina, which also features links to remakes of her most famous work "My boyfriend came back from the war"


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noplace locates numerous utopian inputs from the Internet and uses these data feeds to create virtual architectures. Photo and audio streams of opposing utopias are played side-by-side; the text descriptions of the content used to synchronize divergent paradises to create a narrative flow.

noplace online has now finished. The movie archive: noplace online

Nobody here


A blog reconfigured as an interactive experience, Nobody Here. The viewer is invited to play, though the goofy fun of the interactive elements is balanced by the emotional weight of the writing. Visitors can also choose an insect icon to represent themselves, then leave comments on individual pages. If you encounter Herman the hermit crab, try shaking him out of his shell.

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Currently you are developing a concept to contextualise Internet-based Art by recording users in front of their screens as they interact with the artwork, which is then documented. This seems to offer a brilliant way to shift the focus from the technological condition of Internet-based Art to its use in everyday culture—can you explain the aims of this project more in detail? Read more »

net-art on

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Temporary Stedelijk (7) is the last exhibition of temporary stedelijk. Since February 2012, Kalle Mattsson and Amber van den Eeden, have organized four online exhibitions on and They bought these domain names when they found out the Stedelijk Museum had neglected to do so.

In the first three exhibitions ‘Temporary Stedelijk (4), (5) and (6)’ the works of young, well known and less well known artists from Amsterdam were shown. Artists who are connected to the city of Amsterdam.

In this last virtual exhibition they have chosen to show net art: They thought this was a fitting way to end our online initiative. Net art is a field in which the Netherlands has played a significant role on an international level since the beginning of the 90's. Yet, within the Netherlands it keeps escaping the attention of most curators, museums and therefore the audience.

They have put together a collection of works by the very early pioneers and the young generations of net artists of today. It gives an overview of what has happened in the field of net art over the last 17 years. Read more »



Cyberzoo is a virtual zoo where it is possible to experience the wildest expressions of the artificial life in the security of your computer.
The mission of CyberZoo promotes the conservation of endangered species and the habitats in which they live. CyberZoo is involved in international programs of protection of threatened species, and participates in different projects from recovery and reintroducción of artificial life.

Conservation of the biodiversity
The mission of CyberZoo promotes the conservation of endangered species and the habitats in which they live. CyberZoo is involved in international programs of protection of threatened species, and participates in different projects from recovery and reintroducción of artificial life.

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The commodification of net-art

Slides for a short lecture presentation Jennifer Chan gave on selling internet art (both commercial and alternative economies). Salon 1 "The Art of Success" with co-presenters Jeff Stark and Zach Blas, Abandon Normal Devices Festival in Manchester, UK on August 30, 2012.

Souvenirs from Earth

Souvenirs from Earth is the first Cable TV station broadcasting a 24/7 program of Video art, Film, Visual art, Music, Installations and Performances, transforming bigger flat screens into an art terminal, giving access to the avant-garde of visual cultures. We give art more visibility and create new opportunities for art professionals, investigating the ever changing position of art in contemporary culture. We are available on the French and German Cable TV networks. Artists and filmmakers are welcome to submit their works. Launch project

transmediale 2012: web video – the new net art?


transmediale 2012: web video – the new net art?

transmediale 2k12 | 31 January – 5 February 2012

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

transmediale 2012 |

Wednesday, 1 February 2012
15:00 – 17:00
25 years of transmediale | web video – the new net art? | panel with Robert Sakrowski, Constant Dullaart, Petra Cortright, Igor Štromajer


If net art is cashing in on the utopian promise of video art, what dream does net art have left for itself? Has it come full circle? Is now at its end? And is it true what the net art veteran Mark Amerika proclaims via Twitter, that “video is the new net art”? Read more »

SPAMM - Super Art Modern Museum


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Curated by Thomas Cheneseau + Systaime, Spamm (Super Art Modern Museum) is a new online art gallery featuring an impressive list of artists — JODI, Françoise Gamma, Angelo Plessas, Mr Doob, Rosa Menkman, Jeremy Bailey, Petra Cortright, among many others

Visual arts have entered a new era. It’s a place where immediacy rules, where visual arts becomes virtual, a place that links the world together. A new era for artists who have invented new concepts, using digital medias, from video to graphism, static, animated or even computer-programmed. They have created a flamboyant design for a super-society created in the Web’s image. Read more »